Steam beta update extends Xbox controller support to all Steam games

The latest Steam Beta client update has a nice surprise for PC users of Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers. Both Xbox controllers now support all PC games on Steam by the use of Steam Controller configurator’s advanced mapping features.

The Steam Controller Configurator

In the end days of 2015, Valve released the Steam Controller; received well by the PC community, the controller was unique in that it featured trackpads. The main draw, however, was the customizability and control it was offering.

For once, it gave gamers the ability to map any command from mouse and keyboard to a button on the controller, along with extended support for specific actions; double tapping a button could do one thing while holding it could do something else.

This customizability was possible thanks to the strong integration Valve implemented within the Steam client; recently, Valve extended the Configurator support to PlayStation 4 controllers, which previously used 3rd party software support for playing games.

Thanks to Microsoft’s dominance in the PC gaming market, most games generally support Xbox controllers natively; however, there are always some outliers. Most games also do not allow for remapping of controller buttons, forcing players to use the preset controls, as the developer intended.

Thus, releasing the Configurator for Xbox controllers is going to allow Steam users to play their games however they want. As a matter of fact, this change can drastically increase the accessibility to games for gamers with disabilities – something Microsoft itself has been working hard on.

Additionally, the update also adds support for generic X-Input controllers like joysticks to use the Steam Controller Configurator; Allowing controllers from other companies such as Mad Catz and Logitech to have no problem working with Steam games.

Enabling the support

For now, the Configurator Update that adds support for Xbox controllers is only available on Steam’s beta client. As is with everything in beta, it’s prone to be quite buggy.

Nevertheless, to switch over to Steam’s beta client and try out the configurator, users can find the option in the accounts tab inside Steam settings.

In the end, Steam including even more customization and choice when it comes to how we play our games is always a big plus for any PC gamer.

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