StaffPad updates with support for Surface Studio, Dial, and more

The Microsoft Surface marketing team is challenged by a monumental task – Microsoft’s most ambitious endeavour into the hardware market introduces a lot of new ideas, some of which are not obvious at first look.

Last week, the Surface Studio team released a whole bunch of videos showing off the capabilities of Surface Dial – one of the apps featured in these videos was StaffPad; StaffPad is an app built for professional composers, and with Surface, it brings all its functionality to their fingertips.

Today the StaffPad app is receiving the version of the app showcased in the Surface Studio demos. StaffPad is calling this the November Update.

What’s New

The update does give users everything showcased in the Surface videos – there is, however, a whole lot more features and updates than just the support for Surface devices.

For example, the playback is now more responsive, pedal markings are a lot easier to use, the celeste and harp should sound more natural and balanced now, and for those who used the MusicXML export feature should have a much smoother experience.

Those are just some of the improvements brought along with this update – there’s a lot more to look at, including the ability to drag and drop selected bars and copy them as well.

You can read more about everything new with this update, and the bugs that have been fixed on StaffPad’s official blog.


Considering this is an app built for professionals – it costs money, and it’s not on the cheap side. At $70, however, it is cheaper than most professionals have come to expect.

The app is available from the Windows Store, and those who already own the app should receive the update at any moment now – it’s rolling out.

The app doesn’t seem to have a trial version – if you like the look of it, you will probably have to spare the $70 to try it out.

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