Its snowing in GTA V again, with the Festive Surprise Update

Even hardened criminals need their holidays at least once a year. To remedy that as usual, Rockstar is bringing a special update to Grand Theft Auto: Online.

The Festive Surprise Update

Snow is back

To start things off, all of the game’s areas are now completely covered with snow. This thick sheet of snow is not just a cosmetic change to the landscape, however.

Players can now gather up snowballs to have some, mostly harmless snowball fights (as opposed to Gearsmas’ explosive ones). Also be especially careful when driving vehicles, as roads will be much more slippery than usual.

As snowfall only happens in GTA: Online once a year, this is a great time to see this spectacle; disappearing this Monday the 26th until next year’s Christmas.

Juggernaut Adversary mode

This new game mode that is joining the game has little to do with Christmas but is fun all the same.

Split into two teams; players have to try and kill the other team’s heavily armored juggernaut while protecting their own. If both teams fail to kill either of them, everyone in the match becomes a juggernaut. Although that sounds quite chaotic (it is), the first player to kill another juggernaut wins the round for their team.

For everyone trying out this new mode, Rockstar is giving double the money (that’s in-game) and rep until January 1st.

Other goodies

Exotic car collectors now have another vehicle to add to their collection. A custom Pfister Comet dragster, available in Benny’s Original Motor Works to purchase.

Also, as a Christmas gift, anybody logging into GTA: Online on December 25th will get plenty of goodies. These include a fireworks launcher,  a unicorn mask, pajamas and a complete top up of ammo and consumables for free.

Finally, Rockstar is giving plenty of reasons to be naughty this Christmas in GTA: Online, with 50% more rewards when doing vehicle exports, biker business sales, and special cargo deliveries.


Sadly, as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of GTA: Online are not getting updated anymore, this new update will not be reaching them either.

The Festive Surprise Update in all its glory is now available for free on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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