Sniper Elite 4 Season Pass detailed along with launch trailer

As Rebellion Developments’ newest Sniper Elite title draws closer to its release, the game’s launch trailer has come out. Additionally, the developers have also detailed what the game’s Season Pass will hold for players that may purchase it.

Sniper Elite 4’s Launch Trailer, appropriately named “Timing is Everything,” plays out an ambush scenario set by the game’s protagonist. Judging by the visuals, the footage is most likely rendered in-game, with some custom animations and camera angles.

Obviously, it wouldn’t be a Sniper Elite game without any gruesome X-Ray kill cams to enjoy when taking down Nazis; returning with even more detail, where other than sniper kills, takedowns from melee and explosive shrapnels also triggering an X-Ray.

The new game will start right off at the end of the previous game – Sniper Elite 3 – and this time around, our character, Karl Fairburne is going to Italy, helping out the Italian Resistance’s fight against the Nazi fascists behind enemy lines.

As a common occurrence with games nowadays, Sniper Elite 4 will launch with a Season Pass, which we’ve detailed below.

Sniper Elite 4 Season Pass

The Season Pass contains 12 content packs that will launch after the game’s release. Additionally arriving with all pre-order bonuses, including a mission involving the assassination of Hitler (again.)

The Content Packs will ship with new campaign missions that are playable in solo or with a friend, along with new weapons, plenty of weapon skins and characters to use in Sniper Elite 4’s co-op and multiplayer modes.

However, multiplayer content such as maps and new modes will arrive completely free for all Sniper Elite 4 owners. A useful method for avoiding any multiplayer community split-ups, particularly apparent in popular franchises – Titanfall, and Gears of War.

Sniper Elite 4 has February 14th as its release date, arriving for the Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 platforms. The game will cost $60 by itself, with the Season Pass coming up at $35 for the extra content.

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