SneakyBox and Game Troopers bring Hamster Universe to Windows 10

It was always apparent that hamsters were destined for greater things. That is exactly why Hamsters Universe sends the little critters to space.

The Windows version

Space Hamsters launched last year for iOS and Android devices. The game gathered quite a nice following with over ten thousand downloads on Google’s Play Store.

The studio SneakyBox is the developer of Space Hamsters; known for their other quirky games from the past, such as Dumb Monsters and Wire Defusers.

However, it seems the game’s port to Windows 10 is coming through another company named Game Troopers. Game Troopers is a very well-known name in the Windows Store for their quality ports of some of the most popular games.

Hamsters Universe

The story involves a hamster that is fed up with his life in a cage; all the hamster does is run on his tiny wheel aimlessly. Until one day, when it decides to gather up an army of hamsters and build a spaceship that uses a… wheel to power it.

The player’s job is to not let this space-faring hamster be lazy, and slack off; this is done by tapping on the screen to make him keep running to generate more energy for the space ship.

As usual for these cookie-clicker-like games, players can use the generated energy to get upgrades for the spaceship. Giving options such as getting more energy even while the hamster is resting or even making him run without tapping.

There are also plenty of outfits and other items that players can dress up this brave hamster with. Whoever would want to keep this little guy all cold and alone in space, anyway.

All of these boosters and cosmetic items are also purchasable using real money through the in-game store.


Hamsters Universe is completely free to download and play; including Xbox achievements for all those Xbox Live Gamerscore collectors out there.

Hamsters Universe is now up for grabs on the Windows 10 devices on PC and Mobile; not Xbox, unfortunately. Here’s the link on the Windows Store.

If you would rather play the Android or iOS version, the game is also available on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s AppStore.


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