SlingTV brings native app to Windows 10 with Cortana and live TV

While the SlingTV app is only available in the United States – it is in the most appropriate market for it. Not only is cable TV extremely expensive, but there is also an extreme lack of competition resulting in noncompetitive prices.

This has obviously given rise to the ‘cord cutters’  – people who have grown tired of the traditional cable services and wanted to move on to newer mediums.

Sling TV Windows 10 App

SlingTV is one of the few services that provides a live TV subscription service over the internet, and for the past few months, they have been making it better by adding various new features such as Chromecast support and an updated interface.

Today, they have outdone themselves by releasing a native app for Windows 10, with full support for Windows 10 features – from Cortana to Live Tiles and everything in between.

The new app looks a lot more modern than some of their previous designs. It puts the focus on content – as it should – and brings with it some interesting integration with major Windows 10 features such as Cortana and Live Tiles. It also follows the proper design guidelines for UWP apps set by Microsoft – which is always a nice thing to see.

Features like Cortana support are also great to see – especially with apps like SlingTV. There is a fair bit of criticism against developers who simply add these features for the sake of adding them without actually making them work properly. This behavior usually ends up causing feature bloat – but if SlingTV pulls this one off, it might be one of the first entertainment apps to leverage voice commands properly.

It’s a great update for people who depend on the service for their live entertainment – it is however not mandatory, and so you can still use the original (but dated) SlingTV app for Desktop if you like.


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