Slack is now on the Windows Store, thanks to the Desktop App Converter

The Desktop App Converter has become a treasured tool for developers who want to bring their existing apps to the Windows Stored without much fuss. Adobe has cherished its benefits, and so have quite a few smaller players like Evernote,, Arduino, etc.

Slack wants in; the folks at Slack are bringing their Win32 app to the Windows Store. That’s interesting because Microsoft Teams is yet to have a desktop app on the Windows Store – Slack is clearly not playing around.

The App

It’s quite literally the same app as the Win32 version – that’s how the Desktop App Converter works – but there are a few differences.

Most notably, the Windows Store version comes with a Live Tile that shows your most recent unread messages.

Slack’s presence on the Windows Store does pose a threat to Microsoft Teams, which is where the irony lies.

The Slack app for desktop also uses its own self-update utility; that’s obviously not the case with the Windows Store version, as the store handles the licensing and update processes for all the apps installed through it.


There’s no wait; the Slack app is already on the Windows Store and is available for free – just like the Win32 app.

There’s one tiny note, however: Slack has a separate app in beta for Windows 10 Mobile. It’s unclear whether Slack ever plans to merge these two applications and have a single UWP app, but for now, they exist separately.

Desktop App Converter is helping bring more apps – and therefore more people – to the Windows Store platform; it does, however, make the UWP foundation worse. The converted apps are still Win32 underneath, and therefore only work on x86 PCs – though, that might change soon.

Still, something is better than nothing. At least, that’s what Microsoft perhaps believes in.

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