Skype’s Mingo is a new Android app with SMS and calling integration

Skype has released a new app for Android, and it does something Google couldn’t figure out. Skype’s Mingo app is a brand-new Skype app written from scratch, with support for SMS and traditional voice calls.

Skype Mingo is an alpha and remains unreleased – in other words, it’s nowhere near feature-complete and needs a lot of work before it can replace the regular Skype app.

The Mingo app isn’t a production-ready app – however, most of the standard Skype features are working like Skype Bots and making Skype calls.

That’s where the Skype features end, and the new stuff begins: Mingo has the ability to make traditional phone calls, and send or receive traditional text messages.

SMS integration

Microsoft announced its plans to integrate text messaging into Skype a couple of months ago – Windows Insiders indeed have access to SMS relay features, as long as they are running an Insider version of Windows on PC and Mobile.

The Skype app on Android doesn’t yet support SMS Relay – but Microsoft has said that it plans on testing it out sometime in the near future; perhaps Mingo will be the testing ground to do exactly that.


Skype recently announced an Insider program, with an Android app for said Insiders – the Mingo app is available to anyone who wants to install it and is not limited to Skype Insiders.

The app also lacks stability – if you want a reliable Skype experience, you probably don’t want to switch to Mingo for your daily needs.

If you do however want to give the app a try, it’s available via the Google Play Store; note that as it is an unreleased app, it probably won’t appear in search results.

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