Skype Web beta silently adds a dark theme

Microsoft is one of the few companies who understand the necessity of a dark theme. Skype Web is now getting some of that love, with a dark mode added in the beta.

Skype Preview for Windows 10

Perhaps Microsoft understands the need for dark mode because of Modern UI – after all, this design language comprises of large bright boxes in a variety of colours (including white).

Skype Web is just the latest to get this treatment – the Windows 10 preview app have had a dark mode since May this year, and in the Windows 10 Insider 14931 build, the dark mode was added to Maps and Feedback hub.

The new Skype Web version with the dark theme is 1.61.68 – it is not clear if the update adds anything else, but the dark mode is a definite.

The dark theme option is under the “Personalization” option in the Settings menu if you want to enable it.

Microsoft announced they were working on a web version for Skype back in 2014, and released it to the public in June of 2015. Although it has been more than a year since its public release, it is still in the beta phase. Microsoft sure is taking the Skype development at a slow pace.

If you want to try out the Skype Web beta, just follow this link and log in with your Skype ID – being a web app means you are always on the latest version.


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