Skype Sign-In to integrate with Microsoft accounts, starting next week

It has been a long while since Microsoft purchased Skype; Microsoft only started restructuring and integrating Skype into itself very recently, and starting next week they get a bit closer.

Skype Logo

It didn’t take long for Microsoft to link Skype ID’s with Microsoft accounts after the Skype deal went through; Microsoft is now doing the same thing the other way around. Starting next week, Skype users will be able to login to Outlook, Xbox Live, OneDrive – basically any Microsoft service – using their Skype ID and password.

Of course, their Skype ID is already linked with a Microsoft account, so they share the same password; this does bring both of these services closer and help users manage their Microsoft account via a perhaps more familiar Skype ID.

Skype’s password change, account recovery, and sign-in screen process is already managed by Microsoft directly. If you use two-factor authentication for your Microsoft account, that will now apply to your Skype account as well.

Skype in Microsoft


This isn’t a surprise move – In fact, it’s surprising that it took this long. Microsoft has changed its attitude towards Skype in the past year – it is now taking a more hands-on approach.

The original Skype team has already been restructured – albeit with a few tragedies, and Microsoft is working on a brand new Skype experience that would integrate much better with the rest of its offerings.

Skype is also playing a bigger part in the Windows ecosystem – acting as a bridge between Windows 10 on PC and Mobile.

Slowly, but surely, Skype is turning into something more agile and flexible with modern features that just wasn’t possible with its bloated mammoth self. It is a good time to be a Skype user, especially if you are Russian.

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