Skype extension for Google Chrome updated with Twitter, email, and calendar integrations

The Skype extension for Google Chrome has so far merely provided a way to access messages and calls via ‘Skype for Web.’ It also acted as a decent Skype client for Google’s ChromeOS.

Today’s update makes it just a bit more useful for everyone who relies on Skype and Chrome.

The Update

Skype for Chrome now lets you create and add a Skype call link in Outlook, Outlook Calendar, Gmail, Inbox by Gmail, Google Calendar, and Twitter; this integration works with a single click on a Skype button across these services.

The extension adds a Skype call link with proper formatting, which can then be sent via a tweet, email, or an event invite. The conversation that it creates uses default settings: anyone with the link can join, but new users do not see past chat history.

It is, however, possible to change the name of a conversation or to change these settings after creating the link. That’s handy.

In November, last year, Skype made it possible for users to join a Skype conversation without creating a Skype account.

That development is quite useful with this feature, as users who click on a link made via this extension on Twitter, for example, do not need to log in with their Skype or Microsoft account.


The extension is available via the Chrome Web Store. Opera and Vivaldi also use the Chromium browser as their base, which means this extension should also be compatible with these browsers.

If you already have the extension installed, the update should roll out to you soon enough.

If you don’t have the extension installed and would like to try it out, here’s the extension on Chrome Web Store.

There isn’t much else to the update. If you wish to graze upon a few gifs Microsoft made as an example to showcase what the extension can do, click over here.

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