Skype for Android gets an improved interface in the latest update

The Skype team has been busy modernizing Skype and its underlying infrastructure – now that things are mostly controlled by Redmond; we are getting updates quicker than ever before, the recently launched Skype Insider program is a tease for what’s to come.

Skype for Android

This update – however – is available to all Skype users, not just the Insiders. The update brings an improved user interface and experience for the Calls tab and a few other minor adjustments here and there.

The Calls tab now show quick calling options and have a new dialer button; along with these improvements, if you are in a Group call, the speaker actively speaking would be highlighted with this update.

There’s a bug fix as well: there were issues routing the audio correctly while playing voice messages, and these problems have been fixed.

The long road ahead

The Android app needs a lot of work; the app has never been very good at its job – even with this update, the reviews on its Play Store page highlight its flaws. The app is bloated, has weak UX design, takes too much storage space – and these are only some of the user reviews.

They aren’t all wrong; there are quite a few problems with the Skype app on Android, hopefully, with the Skype Insider Program, we will see faster and better progress in bringing Skype into a modern era.

Microsoft is also planning on putting Skype at work for Windows – Insider build 14931 came with a Skype version that could relay SMS from Windows 10 Mobile, and this functionality is planned to be included in the Android app at some point.

For mobile, Microsoft has interesting plans for Skype – whether we will see them become successful, can be a topic for discussion.

The Skype app for Android is available via the Play Store; if you want to become a Skype Insider, you will probably want to read more about it here.

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