The Sims 4 finally gets toddlers in a new secret update

Something fans have been requesting since the release of Sims 4 is now finally in the game. For everyone who missed toddlers from the past games can now play with them again in the latest Sims iteration.

The case of the missing toddlers

Since the release of The Sims 4 in 2014, if there’s one thing the community has been consistently asking for, that would be bringing back toddlers to the game. Toddlers have been a part of the series since The Sims 2, bridging the gap between babies and children. But in The Sims 4, newly born babies grew straight into children after spending a few days in the crib.

Fans of the series did not receive the change well, many vowing not even to purchase the game. The release of toddlers coming as a DLC add-on pack was also a popular theory in many gaming forums.

The developers have now answered all those requests and concerns with the newest Sims 4 title update.

The toddler update

Maxis, the developer behind Sims 4, had just announced the Vampires DLC pack earlier this week, releasing on January 24th. This made the sudden unannounced release of the toddler update quite a bombshell to all the Sims players.

In the update post, Maxis details that the update has been in the works for quite a while; choosing to keep the entire project under wraps to make it a nice surprise for the players.

Maxis managing to achieve that kind of secrecy while the player base was scouring for any news about toddlers is an accomplishment in itself when looking at how extensive the update is.

The toddlers come with over a hundred new animations, new interactions, and plenty of new outfits they can wear. Adult Sims can also teach toddlers to walk, talk and develop skills while they slowly grow up to be children.

Toddlers will obviously be quite a handful, needing constant attention or at least a nanny to take care of them. Just as in past games, child services will take away any neglected toddlers, so be extra careful when celebrating the update by adopting all those alien toddlers.

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Maxis is calling the update their biggest one to date since the release of The Sims 4; Patch 46 or the toddler update is now available for the Sims 4 as a free update to the game.

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