SharePoint comes to Windows 10 Mobile, but you need a work or school account to use it

Microsoft released this app in a public preview back in September; it seems Microsoft is now ready to peel off that sticker and bring the app to the Windows Store as a full release.

Microsoft SharePoint for Windows 10 Mobile

The announcement comes via Microsoft SharePoint’s Twitter – not much fuss there. SharePoint is an integral part of the Office suite, and Microsoft has been working hard on improving Office on Web and Mobile, so this release comes as no surprise.

SharePoint gives users within an organization an easier way to access and share files over their vast intranet – that’s the local network of a company, not to be confused with the Internet.

That’s the first hurdle you are going to hit if you want to try this app out as well – you need a work or school Microsoft account to sign in. If you don’t have a work or school account, SharePoint isn’t even meant to serve you any purpose.

The requirements don’t end there; besides having a work or school Microsoft account for yourself, your organization also needs an active Office 365 subscription that includes SharePoint – otherwise, the app won’t work.

Besides the ability to let you share things over the intranet, the app also lets you find and browse the people you work with – if your team is massive, this could be very useful. Tapping on a user’s card shows what they are working on, and who they are working with.

There’s even an organization-wise enterprise search that lets you search through the whole organization for exactly what you are looking for – people, files or whatever else.

The app also allows your organization’s administrators to share links with all the people within a network. SharePoint essentially acts as a hub for your organization and team – share documents, links, and everything else in between.

The SharePoint app for Windows 10 Mobile is available right now from the Windows Store and weighs 18.94 MB.

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