Samsung’s Notebook Odyssey is the company’s first gaming laptop

Samsung is finally doing something new with their laptop lineup and this time they have launched the Notebook Odyssey which is a gaming laptop; this isn’t an everyday laptop and comes with a few unique design elements.

The Notebook Odyssey has a 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor, with up to 32GB of RAM in the 15-inch model and up to 64GB in the 17-inch model.

When it comes to GPU, you’ll get the newly announced GTX 1050 for laptops on this thing.

Samsung is giving a few options for storage: you can have dual SSDs or an SSD along with a 1 TB HDD. The SSD can go up to 512 GB on the 17-inch model.

The 1 TB HDD should be enough storage for most modern games; combined with the GTX 1050, this sure is a decent gaming laptop.

Image Source: TheVerge

On to the display; this thing has a Full HD 1080p IPS display with an anti-glare film on both the 15.6-inch and 17.3-inch models. The screen also supports HDR for more accurate colors with better contrast.

The keyboard is a fully-backlit RGB, coupled with an unusually designed trackpad that is angular and slanted in design, with a few red LEDs outlining it, because why not. Samsung has also added a few customizable hotkeys that you can program to do pretty much whatever you want.

Image Source: TheVerge

The laptop has a 43Wh battery in the 15-inch model of the laptop and 93Wh in the 17-inch model which should provide a good battery.

It’s certainly not the slimmest gaming laptops you could find, but Samsung has managed to keep the weight in check; the 15-inch model only weighs about 2.5 kg while the 17-inch model scales at around 3.7 kg.

The lower part of the laptop has cooling vents which Samsung likes to call “HexaFlow” design vents; as per Samsung, they’re better at dissipating heat.

Image Source: TheVerge

The laptop seems to have a really nice design with rounded edges that make it comfortable to hold; there’s also an Odyssey logo on the back – like a MacBook – which glows red.

Samsung hasn’t revealed a release date for these laptops. However, we do know that it will come in two colors: black, and white.

The price starts at $1,199 for the 15-inch model, with the prices going higher as you add optional upgrades or switch to the 17-inch model.


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