Samsung’s Notebook 9 claims to be world’s lightest laptop

2017 is the year of many things; it’s the year of VR, it’s the year of slimmer TVs, it’s the year of connected cars – nobody thought it would be the year of light laptops.

Samsung has refreshed its Notebook 9 Series laptops; they are now thinner, lighter, and come with Intel’s latest 7th generation processors. It’s a minor refresh for the most part, but Samsung is laying a claim.

Samsung claims that the Notebook 9’s 13-inch model is the world’s lightest laptop.

The laptop is made out of a magnesium alloy – much like the Asus laptop with similar claims – that helps the 13-inch model weigh a mere 820 grams. That’s 10 grams lighter than the LG Gram. The 15-inch model weighs about 1 kg.

The Outside

The efficiency with which Samsung has built this laptop is mind-boggling; the LG Gram’s 830-gram model doesn’t have a backlit display to save weight. Samsung? Samsung can fit that right in. There’s a fingerprint sensor that’s fully Windows Hello-compliant as well, cause why not.

On the side, there’s the ports: the laptop’s thickness allows it to barely fit in a few ports – of which, it has plenty. There’s two USB-A 3.0 ports, a single USB-C port, a microSD slot, but most impressively: there’s a full-sized HDMI port. Additionally, there’s also a 3.5mm jack, but that’s pretty much expected, right?

The display is an edge-to-edge 1080p panel, with thin bezels on the sides. The hinge for the display supports 180-degree of rotation, so you can lay the laptop flat if you want.

Image Source: TheVerge

The Inside

Samsung continues to impress on the inside as well: there are options for Intel’s 7th generation Core i5 or i7 processors, with up to 16 GB of RAM. There’s 256 GB of solid-state storage as well.

The integrated Intel HD Graphics 620 handle the graphics, but there’s an option for an NVidia GTX 940MX on the 15-inch model.

Samsung claims seven hours of battery life for both of the laptops; something worth noting: last year’s Notebook 9 promised 12 hours of battery life, but it couldn’t keep that promise in the hands of consumers and reviewers alike.


The new Notebook 9 has already been produced, packed, and is currently shipping to stores in the U.S. The price starts at $999 and goes higher as you add the optional components or switch to the 15-inch model.

The laptop is up for pre-orders on B&H and Samsung’s own store; these should start shipping by 12th of January.

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