Samsung patent reveals smartphone running Android and Windows simultaneously

Companies as massive as Samsung are always on their toes. They are constantly thinking of new ideas – even if they are not possible to implement in the present – and rightfully claiming the patent for themselves. This, however, also has the side effect of releasing these ideas into the public domain.

Over in South Korea, a patent published today showcases and describes a Samsung phone that looks awfully similar to the Galaxy line-up, running both Windows and Android side-by-side. This is not dual-booting – which has been attempted before – but actually running two operating systems simultaneously.

Samsung dual-OS side-by-side


The patent was filed back in the May of 2015, so the idea has been around at Samsung for a while now – it describes how the two operating systems can be used side-by-side. The interface is pretty much the same as how TouchWiz handles multiple windows running on Android.

Pressing the home button could bring the user back to Android. The patent also describes setting up shared folders so both operating systems can access the same files seamlessly.

Resources can also be distributed among the operating systems by limiting memory and CPU usage for either of them – this could finally be a good application for the 6 GB of RAM that manufacturers are packing in phones these days.

It’s just a patent

While the idea might appeal to some, and does sound quite fancy to the tech savvy – we need to remember this is just a patent, and the chances of this coming out as a real product are most likely slim. In theory, this would give users more choice with how they want their phones to work, in practice, it could introduce a whole lot of complications.

At the end, Samsung is just making sure they remain at the bleeding edge of technology. Owning a patent does not mean the ideas within the patent have to be implemented.

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