Rogue Legacy developers unveil ‘Full Metal Furies’ for Xbox One and Windows 10 with Crossplay

Cellar Door Games, the developers of the popular roguelike platformer game – Rogue Legacy – is back with another hardcore game. This time with the co-op brawler – Full Metal Furies – that tasks players with defeating mythological creatures to save the world.

In fact, like Rogue Legacy, the developer guarantees Full Metal Furies to be quite a difficult experience to go through. Featuring plenty of punishing bosses, puzzles, collectibles and a whole host of powerful equipment to choose when fighting enemies.

Full Metal Furies also comes as a part of Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere program, meaning anyone who purchases the game on either Xbox One or Windows 10 will receive a free copy to the other platform, along with complete cross-play support between the two platforms when a player is in need of a co-op partner.

Play co-op or solo

Although the developers have built the game from the ground up as a cooperative experience, it’s completely playable solo. Interestingly, solo players get to choose two characters before getting into the game which is then swappable at any time. This mechanic gives the opportunity to pull off useful combos by combining talents without the need of a co-op partner.

As for the co-op side of things, the game has online and local play support for up to four players. Obviously, thanks to the game’s high difficulty, coordinating with other people may make the game even harder to go through.

In total, there are four character roles available to choose from: Sentinel, Engineer, Sniper, and Fighter. Each character has their own style of play and abilities that are useful in different situations.

Additionally, thanks to the game’s in-depth equipment system, every character is upgradable in multiple distinct ways. These upgrades completely change the abilities and the character’s style of play, depending on the players chosen equipment.

Sadly, Cellar Door Games have yet to announce a specific release date for Full Metal Furies. The game is arriving sometime in 2017 for the Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam platforms.

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