Rockstar announces Red Dead Redemption 2 for Xbox One and PS4

Rockstar likes to launch a brilliant game every few years and then disappear into the abyss; this time, they are back, and they are bringing a sequel to Red Dead Redemption – but only on the Xbox One and PS4.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Announcement

It seems Rockstar intends to follow the same formula they perfected with the Grand Theft Auto V release; the GTA V release came at a time when the console generation was transitioning – Rockstar had a unique opportunity.

The GTA V Saga

Rockstar released a version of GTA V for the Xbox 360 and PS3 initially, followed by a version with extra features such as the first-person camera for Xbox One and PS4 a year later. The PC release took another year and came with higher resolution textures and other PC-centric features.

Essentially, Rockstar managed to sell the same game two times – or three, for those who game on both console and PC.

It’s not like Rockstar needed to do this – GTA V broke six different world records on day one, including one for generating the highest revenue by an entertainment product in 24 hours by grossing over $800 million. It took Rockstar three days to make that a billion dollars.

Those figures are for the original 2013 launch by the way – only the Xbox 360 and PS3 – the triple-dip trick only helped Rockstar make even more with the Xbox One, PS4 and PC releases.

One billion dollars in three days is impressive enough – but it’s even more impressive when you realize that the game only took about $137 million to develop, and $128 million to market, totaling the investment at $265 million.



Red Dead Redemption 2 Gang

It is evident, why Rockstar would want to replicate this. At the moment, Rockstar has confirmed that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be coming out for the Xbox One and PS4.

Perhaps a PC release can be expected in two years’ time, but that is a mere hope and speculation at this point.

For now, Rockstar plans on releasing Red Dead Redemption 2 during Fall of 2017; hopefully, we will get to see some part of the gameplay at E3 2017 next year.

Rockstar says it will be releasing a trailer for the game tomorrow at 11 AM Eastern Time, click here to see what’s that in your time zone.

We will update this post with the trailer when it is released.

UPDATE: Trailer’s out.

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