Rocket League and NBA 2K17 get a free weekend on the Xbox One

Something Steam users on the PC are surely familiar with; a free weekend is arriving for the Xbox One. NBA 2K17 and Rocket League are the two games going completely free for the duration of the upcoming weekend.

Keep in mind, that these are not trial versions of these two “sports” games (Rocket League is sort of sporty); Microsoft is giving players the full versions of these games, with all game modes and features available for trying out.

As with other free events by Microsoft we’ve covered in the past, we fully expect all the progress that players will make in the free weekend to carry over if they choose to buy the game during or after the event.

Giving further incentive to potential buyers, Rocket League will have a 25% discount on the Xbox Store during the weekend. A great time to check out Rocket League or maybe even introduce some friends to the hugely addicting game.

Additionally, Rocket League players on the PC should expect a huge rise in new players trying out the game. This is due to the game’s impressive cross-play capability between the Xbox and PC platforms.

On the NBA 2K17’s side, players can try out this year’s most popular Basketball game for free.

The latest iteration of the NBA 2K franchise of 2K is probably the most realistic sports game to release till date, receiving critical acclaim for the visuals and the amount of gameplay available for players when comparing previous games of the series to the new title.

Free Xbox Live multiplayer for everyone

In fact, Microsoft is removing the Xbox Live Gold subscription requirement for all games this weekend as well; calling it the Multiplayer All-Access event, every Xbox 360 and Xbox One game will be playable online without the need of a Gold subscription.

The free games and the All-Access event is available from the 16th to the 19th of February. Microsoft is inviting all players to enjoy the free weekend’s benefits, no matter which Xbox console they may own.

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