Rocket League joins up with Hot Wheels for new DLC cars

Everybody’s favorite game about cars with rockets playing football is now getting a popular toy maker’s iconic cars as DLC. Not something we hear every day alright, but thanks to Psyonix’s newest partnership, Hot Wheels is coming to Rocket League.

For anyone unfamiliar with the game, although highly unlikely, here is a quick rundown on it: players using cars with rockets on their back to play football – or soccer – in various enclosed stadiums with a very large ball (or it might be very small cars, we aren’t entirely sure).

A week ago, Mattel (maker of Hot Wheels) announced the release of 12 Rocket League cars to their lineup of toys. We now see that it was a full on brand crossover instead, with the arrival of Hot Wheels in Rocket League.

The new Hotwheels DLC

The DLC consists of two cars, with Psyonix opting to sell them separately instead of in a pack, however, what’s special about these cars is their customizability, unlike some of the previous DLC cars that Psyonix licensed for the game.

Other than changing colors, players may equip them with custom decals, tires, toppers, flags and any boosts they may choose.

On to the new cars themselves: the Twin Mill III and the Bone Shaker cars from previous Hotwheels toy rosters. Anyone can guess which car is our favorite, hint: its the one with a skull on the front.

Due to many players’ interest in Rocket League’s car hitboxes nowadays, we have some comparisons in store. The Twin Mill III has the same Hitbox as the dribble king Batmobile while Bone Shaker’s hitbox resembles the Masamune.

Additionally, without needing to purchase anything, Psyonix is adding some free cosmetic items to Rocket League. The new items will use the game’s random drop system to give out Hot Wheels themed items for all players.

The new Hot Wheels cars for Rocket League will be available to purchase for $2 each on February 21st. And is it just us, or are the goals in Rocket League trailers getting crazier and crazier with each trailer?

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