Rocket League is getting Dropshot as a free game mode this month

For Psyonix, the developers of Rocket League, it seems that playing Football using rocket cars was getting too mainstream. The newest game mode joining Rocket League is letting players create their own scoring areas on the stadium floor.

Although this sounds a bit nutty at first, the new trailer showcasing Dropshot mode makes it look quite exciting. The update carrying an entirely new game is also marking the start of a new Competetive season as well as a new crate.

Dropshot is not Psyonix’s first add-on to Rocket League that adds a completely new game mode with unique gameplay mechanics. April of last year’s Hoops mode is a good example of this, where the developers inserted a basketball themed game mode into the game with an actual “hoop” to score goals in.

Other modes such as Snow Day and Rumble are also mentionable; these modes were mainly changing aspects of the regular game mode with some quirky new spins than being drastically new.


The brand new hexagonal arena Core 707 is the playground of the new game mode. The first noticeable difference in the new arena is its lack of goal posts on any of its six sides.

That’s because the floor is the scoring area in this new game mode. Players can now destroy floor panels by dropping the ball onto them which then become scoring opportunities.

Obviously, this characteristic applies to both sides of the field. An unexpected hit can cause some undesirable effects. However, as each panel takes two hits to fall, there is some leeway in the first stages of the game.

Although, as the match progresses, the ball will keep gathering more power and affect larger sections of the field. Effectively meaning that in later stages, neither team will possess any kind of floor to call home.


The Dropshot mode is arriving for the Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 platforms on the 22nd of March as a free update to Rocket League.

We have a feeling that air shot capable will dominate this game mode quite a bit, so it may be a good idea to practice some aerials before the mode drops later this month.

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