Rime comes to Xbox One, PC, and more with re-reveal trailer

Anyone paying attention to Gamescom 2013 may remember the announcement of Rime, an indie game coming exclusively to the PS4. Well, the new re-reveal trailer today revealing that Rice is now multiplatform, makes that deal seem quite expired.

Tequila Works

The Spanish studio Tequila Works does not have a wide history of game releases to speak of, having only one other title under their belt from 2012, that being Deadlight. A sidescrolling survival horror game set in a zombie apocalypse.

Deadlight, while receiving mixed reviews for its Xbox 360 version, the PC release got a much better reception. Even now having a very positive user review score on Steam.

The development history of Tequila Works’ latest game, however, is not the most stable one we’ve seen. First, Microsoft greenlighting Rime for XBLA and Windows, but deciding to reject the game later. Rime then came up at Gamescom 2013 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive indie title.

News about Rime did not surface again until March of last year, where Tequila Works announced over Twitter, that the studio had bought back the rights to the game from Sony.


The jump from the horror-themed Deadlight to the bright and whimsical Rime is quite a jarring one. This is no dangerous zombie infested world, quite far from it actually (except for the danger part maybe); the trailer showcasing its cartoon-like art style and puzzle solving centered gameplay.

The game takes place on a deserted island, or so it would seem at first. We play the role of a boy who is shipwrecked on this island after a storm. As always, however, the island houses many secrets to discover and dangers to contend with. Furthermore, getting to explore abandoned structures and technology leftover from a past civilization is always a plus in our book.


After jumping between a couple, the developer seems to have made the decision to launch on basically every platform.

If all goes to the plan, Rime is expected for a release on Xbox One, Windows PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch by May of 2017.

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