Respawn publishes the changelog for its upcoming Titanfall 2 update: Live Fire

Titanfall 2’s newest update is dropping any day now, and the developers have decided to reveal the patch notes early. The enormous update is bringing a new game mode, new maps and many balance updates to the game’s multiplayer side.

As we’ve previously covered, Titanfall 2’s new game mode is Live Fire; a 12 player pilot-only mode focusing on extremely fast rounds without any respawns. More details on the mode and its new maps are available on our story on it from last week – here.

This week, Respawn has released the full changelog of the new update for us to look over. The changes range from nerfing some highly popular Titans to new control options for console users.

Due to the sheer number of alterations to the game in the update, we are only listing the impactful changes. For anyone interested in the full changelog, they may find it in the official Titanfall 2 forums – here.

Changelog highlights

First off, Holo pilot decoy users are getting a big treat with the gadget’s upcoming new and improved state. The hologram will no longer disappear when hitting random rocks on the ground and apparently function much better overall.

Users of the popular Titan ability Nuclear Eject, however, are in for some bad news. The ability’s immense damage to nearby enemies will no longer add to the player’s Titan Meter; something Titanfall 2 players of the WindowsAble team will surely be happy about.

The current king Titan of the meta – Tone – is also getting some nerfs to his abilities. Notably, Respawn is reducing Salvo Core damage and the projectile size of Tone’s 40mm canon among others.

Meanwhile the game’s most agile Titans – Ronin and Northstar – will now regen their Dashes much quicker than before. Catching the other slower but tougher Titans off-guard will become much easier for players using these Titans.

The health meter of Titans that are in the invulnerable executing animation will now flash in a gold color. Thus, letting enemy Pilots and Titans know not to waste their time and ammunition on these targets.

Additionally, some quality of life improvements such as a Film Grain Slider, a hold option controller users that prefer it over toggling abilities, and that the player’s gun modifications in their loadout will remain even after switching to other weapons are some great additions to Titanfall 2.

Lastly, PC users that are experiencing stutters are also getting some optimizations to resolve the issue. Adding extra options to the settings along with text explaining what each of the settings will accomplish when enabling them.


The release date for the patch is still unknown, as Respawn is waiting for the console patch certification process to complete. We expect the update to hit before the month’s end for its three platforms – Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.

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