Resident Evil 7’s Banned Footage DLC arrives to Xbox One and PC

The two DLC packs of Capcom’s newest Resident Evil title are finally available for the Xbox One and PC platforms. The new content is arriving just as Resident Evil 7’s timed exclusivity deal with the PlayStation 4 comes to an end.

Each DLC pack has its own collection of game modes and scenarios for players to experience. Keep in mind that these are completely separate from the main storyline of Resident Evil 7. Therefore do not expect any continuation of storylines or answers to the game’s questions in these DLC packs.

Banned Footage Vol 1

The first DLC pack for the game – Banned Footage Vol 1 – contains three pieces of content to play through. Them being the Nightmare, Bedroom, and Ethan Must Die game modes.


Nightmare has the player put up against waves of the black goo enemies from the main game. Players must collect scrap to buy weapons, ammunition, and traps to survive these challenging waves.

However, there are some twists the player must contend with. First off, the prices gradually increase as the player purchases more items, secondly, there are multiple doors that contain scrap machines, but they are only unlockable using corrosive fluid, which conveniently costs quite a lot of scrap.

All this has the player juggling their resources to find the most optimal path to survival.


The bedroom is a puzzle game mode, where the player must escape a room without their captor – Marguerite – noticing it. Starting off, the player is on a bed, with Marguerite coming into the room at regular intervals.

The player must get free and build tools to complete puzzles all around the room they are in, making sure to replace anything they may have taken and go to bed before the crazy Marguerite comes back.

Ethan Must Die

The last piece of content in the first DLC pack is the game mode – Ethan Must Die. Staying true to its name, the mode has Ethan avoiding enemies with only a knife to defend himself with.

There are multiple loot boxes that players may split open to find other weapons and items to survive longer. Although, beware as some boxes can explode and instantly kill the player instead, effectively ending their run.

Banned Footage Vol 2

Just as the previous pack, this DLC also contains three content pieces to play through. Namely, 21, Daughters and Jack’s 55th Birthday game modes.


This DLC is essentially a game of Blackjack but with a lot of extra Resident Evilness. The player must play the high stakes game, in which Lucas Baker tortures the loser of every round.

To make the game more interesting, Capcom has included some extra rules in the form of trump cards.

These cards give players additional abilities to use in the card game, such as removing cards of the opponent or choosing a card directly to add to their own pile for an easy 21. However, the AI has their own share of trump cards to use against the player to up the stakes even more.


The second DLC has players in the perspective of Zoe Baker, taking place before all the madness set in; quite literally, right before the madness, as the player must soon try to escape the Baker family house.

Although quite a short experience, the player must escape with only a lighter to show the way. Leading to probably the most horrifying experience in all the DLC packs.

Jack’s 55th Birthday

Lastly, Jack’s 55th Birthday mode is more of a comedic game mode where the player has to find food around the Baker house to feed the birthday boy Jack Baker within the time limit before he gets angry.

The game’s usual enemies attack while the player is foraging for food (but this time wearing hats.) The catch is that the food takes up valuable inventory space of the player. Meaning they may have to drop weapons that can save their life to grab more food.


Both DLC packs are now available as a part of Resident Evil 7’s $30 Season Pass. If purchasing separately, Vol 1 and Vol 2 comes at $10 and $15 respectively.

At last, obtainable through all three platforms the game is available on, Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.

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