Resident Evil 7 is coming to the Windows Store

Microsoft has been trying to make Windows Store more relevant in a Windows user’s life – alas, with not much success so far. The failure is amplified for the gaming sections of the Windows Store, because of the competition from existing – and very successful – stores such as Steam, Origin, UPlay, and GOG.

Resident Evil 7

While the Windows Store does have a few AAA titles to sell – there are very few 3rd party titles; games such as The Rise of the Tomb Raider are available in the Windows Store – but are accompanied by 1st-party Microsoft published titles such as Forza Horizons 3 and Gears of War 4.

The lack of 3rd party titles is not surprising – there is no incentive for publishers to release their games on a platform that could be easily described as a ghost town. It seems Microsoft is now trying to change that.

According to a report from the Japanese news website Dengeki, Resident Evil 7 will be making an appearance on the Windows Store, along with Steam for the PC release.

The Microsoft Influence

This isn’t the first time when a title releases on Steam and Windows Store – Rise of the Tomb Raider did the same, and Microsoft’s own 1st-party title, Quantum Break, also showed up on Steam after a Windows Store timed-exclusive release.

It’s the general trend – publishers are only doing a Windows Store release to keep Microsoft happy, it seems.

The Xbox

Here’s the interesting bit: as far Capcom – the game’s developers – have disclosed, for now, Resident Evil 7 is not an Xbox Play Anywhere title; however, if you do purchase the Windows Store version, you will get game save sync across your Xbox and Windows 10 PC.

That’s somewhat of a unique position – you still need to purchase the game for two platforms separately, but if you do, they will be synced.

Resident Evil 7

The PC port

In these dire times, it is important to mention any specifics there may be when it comes to the PC version of any multi-platform game.

While the game will support HDR on Xbox One S – that has been confirmed for a while – it will also do so on Windows 10 PCs for both the Windows Store and Steam editions.

Additionally, the PC version – both Windows Store and Steam – will support resolutions up to 4K as well.

3rd party support is needed to make any store ecosystem work, but Microsoft has a long way to go before the Store gains popularity.

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