Recore comes out tomorrow: the first Xbox Play Anywhere title

Recore was first revealed at E3 2015 with its extremely upsetting (and weird) cinematic trailer. The game is a third-person action-adventure shooter game and takes players on a puzzle-filled journey with their robotic companions.


At E3 2016 this year, Microsoft announced that Recore is going to be an Xbox Play Anywhere title. The Xbox Play Anywhere program is exactly what the name suggests; this allows you to purchase the Xbox One version of the game and get the Windows 10 version with it – or vice versa.

Additionally, all of the saved games are synced across both platforms, so you can start playing on either of them – at any point – seamlessly. The game does not have a multiplayer mode – but it would be interesting to see a cross-platform multiplayer experience on the Xbox Play Anywhere.

Getting Xbox One games to PC took a lot of work – not just from the Xbox team or the Recore developers, but also the Windows platform team as well. This has only been made possible by the new UWP framework built into Windows 10. Microsoft also owns a proper store for online distribution now – the Windows Store.


While the game’s Xbox One version is obviously built for the console and runs well – the PC version demands some extreme hardware to run. It does, however, run well, as long as you have the hardware to run it.

The Xbox Play Anywhere program makes a lot of sense for Microsoft especially now that it is losing market share to the PlayStation 4. With dropping sales for Xbox One, Microsoft can leverage the massive Windows PC gaming community and include it in the Xbox ecosystem.

This might not give Microsoft many benefits in the short term, but in the longer term, this could lead to the unification of the Xbox and PC gaming platforms.


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