Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Velvet Shell takes players to Spain

Ubisoft’s latest teaser trailer briefly shows off the new map coming to their tactical FPS game as a free update. Operation Velvet Shell is the latest expansion hitting Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege this year with brand new content.

The new operation comes as the first expansion to Siege’s second year of content that Ubisoft is planning to release; that’s in response to the lavish praise the game received for its support in the first year of add-ons.

Just as previous operations, the new one is bringing a new map and two new operators to the game. Unlike the map, the operators are not exactly free, but, it is possible to unlock them using in-game credits. Overall, the easiest way to get the new operators is to purchase the game’s new Year Two Season Pass. This Season Pass includes access to every upcoming operator of the year along with free cosmetic items and other goodies.

Operation Velvet Shell

Being the first of the four operations coming to Siege this year, Velvet Shell is taking its players to Spain. The teaser trailer gives us a look at the new Coastline map that comes with both day and night versions. The map looks like it has a great mixture of indoor and outdoor areas for teams to take advantage of. In fact, even including what seems like a tower that’s perfect for any Glaz players to snipe from.

Apart from the map teaser, Ubisoft is yet to reveal details about the Spanish Operators coming with it. To get a first look at the new operators and to see more of the Coastline map, Ubisoft will be hosting a live panel and a gameplay demo of Operation Velvet Shell during the Rainbow Six Invitational E-Sports event next month.

The Invitational will run from the 3rd to the 5th of February with a total prize pool of $200,000, making it the biggest Rainbow Six Siege tournament to take place since the game’s¬†release.

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