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Rainbow Six Siege Midseason Reinforcements update arrives today

Ubisoft is just about ready to launch their latest update to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, the Midseason Reinforcements update. The update is bringing Glaz a new thermal sniper scope, an Elite skin for Twitch, bug fixes and balance changes.

As the name suggests, Mid Season Reinforcement updates are Ubisoft’s way of keeping the game fresh between large Operation launches. However, this time around, the update seems much smaller than Reinforcement updates from the past; focusing on setting up a much more efficient way of deploying updates using the new Technical Test Server system.

The latest Operation to launch for Rainbow Six Siege was Operation Velvet Shell from last month, bringing over the two brand new Spanish operators Jackal and Mira, that can detect footprints of opponents and place one-way mirrors on walls respectively, along with Coastline, a brand new map featuring a beach resort set in Spain.

Midseason Reinforcements update

Probably the biggest piece of information we see in the changelog is the arrival of Technical Test Servers to Siege. These servers are essentially a testbed for developers to experiment on their updates before launching them to the main game.

The first update hitting Siege’s Technical Test Server is the One-Step Matchmaking system for faster and more reliable matchmaking; we may have to wait some time as Ubisoft is pushing out the Test update in the coming weeks.

Next up are the Operator changes coming in the update, mainly to Glaz, Doc and Buck.

Thanks to the developers, our resident Sniper now wields a new and improved scope on his weapon. When aiming through Glaz’s scope, it will now highlight opponents using its new inbuilt thermal imaging prowess. Sadly, Glaz can’t see bodies through walls using the scope, but it’s highly useful in seeing through smoke grenades.

Additionally, Doc’s Stim Pistol gadget can now overheal to 140 HP, up from the 120 HP overheal it provided previously. Lastly, in a smaller buff to Buck, his under-barrel shotgun now has an extra magazine of ammo.

Other changes coming with the update include a brand new Elite Set for Twitch, smaller reticles on sights and a hefty number of bug fixes, which are all available to digest on the official Ubisoft website – here.

The Rainbow Six Siege Mid Season Reinforcements update is coming later today for the Xbox One, PC and Playstation 4.

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