Punch Club developer announces Graveyard Keeper for Xbox One and PC

From the developers of last year’s popular humorous sporting sim game – Punch Club – has unveiled their newest project – Graveyard Keeper. Keeping to their strengths, Lazy Bear Games looks like they are pushing for another strange but entertaining game this year.

On the surface, the game looks like another ordinary management sim game, but that assumption is proven false quickly. In Graveyard Keeper, we get to manage our very own medieval graveyard and use some questionable activities to boost resources; for anyone that didn’t catch the managing a graveyard part of the game, hint: the resources are dead bodies.

Managing the Graveyard Keeper business

Obviously, to thrive in the graveyard management business, getting the word out about the service in festivals by presenting some food is a good marketing strategy, although, why waste the graveyard’s valuable money on hotdog meat when there’s an abundance of other meat readily available for use.

In fact, why should players stop there in making the best graveyard the medieval world has ever seen. Establishing business partners is a useful strategy in Graveyard Keeper, making use of any excess product that they may have.

Contact the friendly neighborhood vampire to strike a deal on selling blood, or another entity that may need body parts. Although the choices are a bit on the dubious side, every graveyard keeper needs a good income to keep functioning.

There are plenty of more activities for players to take part in, such as witch-burning festivals, gathering resources in dungeons to craft deadly poisons that might find their way into nearby villages for a quick way to fill up some empty graves, giving any prospective graveyard keepers endless funeral possibilities.

Graveyard Keeper is arriving for the Xbox One and Steam platforms with a tentative release date of Summer 2017. Additionally, for players interested in testing out the game, the developer has Alpha sign-ups available on their official website.

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