Project Cars 2 announced; release expected for late 2017

Bandai Namco, the publisher of Project CARS, has revealed the sequel to their 2015 racing simulator game. Slightly Mad Studios, the developer of the original is back for heading the development of Project CARS 2.

Coming out with an announcement trailer featuring some early footage of exquisite supercars and photo-realistic tracks, it’s quite an entrance. However, Bandai Namco’s release window for the game is somewhat broad, only displaying a vague “Late 2017” launch schedule.

Project Cars 2

Looking back at Project CARS, a major criticism of players was the lack of many licensed cars and tracks; the developers having to resort to using fictional tracks and missing entire brands of cars due to licensing issues.

Meanwhile, Project CARS 2 is already on top of the problem it seems, with the game managing to license 170 cars as of now, and aiming to include more than 60 tracks to race on, at the game’s release.

Additionally, the game is shipping with some new technologies to give each track much more replayability than before. Notably dynamic weather, dynamic time of day, and a seasonal changes system that will affect tracks differently in each race.

As a result, players should prepare for weather conditions that can, for example, go from a dense fog setting to a full on thunderstorm without warning, while in the middle of a race; making a tricky situation for players driving on cars and tires tuned for the previous weather condition instead.

Slightly Mad Studios promises much better optimization this time around to the game as well; announcing support for up to an insane 12K resolution, for any PC owner rolling with that much horsepower. Although unlikely, for players interested in it, this entails using three 4K monitors together in a multi-monitor setup.

Proper multi-monitor support – which admittedly, lacking in the first game – is a welcome feature for many racing simulator fans. We also expect complete racing wheel and VR support to ship with the game considering their popularity in Project CARS.


Project CARS 2 is launching in late 2017 for the Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 platforms. As a note, Project CARS will be free to Xbox Live Gold members on the Xbox One from February 16th. A great time to claim and try out the game before the sequel hits the console.

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