Planet Coaster Spring Update is arriving with new rides and security guards

Players will soon get the chance to plop down a variety of new rides and coasters in Planet Coaster. The upcoming Spring update is bringing seven new rides as well as security features to combat park vandals.

Frontier Development’s park management sim released on Steam last year to raving reviews from critics. Since then, the developers have steadily added new rides and more intricate park management options.

The previous update to arrive with this amount of content was the Winter Update in December last year. It added new rides, as well as a few UI improvements and a range of shops for park attendees to spend money at.

The Spring Update

The new update is bringing some rollercoaster designs that are completely new to the game. Namely the Steel Hydra, Planet Coaster’s first suspended swinging coaster and the two shuttle coasters Trident and Bakasura.

There’s also the new Go Kart ride ‘Speed’ which, interestingly, uses the game’s beefy coaster track editor to allow players to make their own unique and customizable Go Kart tracks around their parks.

Last of the new rides in the update are the three Flatrides Elixir Machine, Big Wheel, and the ZoZo. Although new rides are always welcome, we expect the new security features to really spice up Planet Coaster’s gameplay.

In fact, players will now have to hire security personnel for their parks to keep the visitors safe. This is due to the introduction of park vandals and pickpockets to Planet Coaster.

Unsatisfied visitors cause some disruption throughout the park. The more crime a park has, the less enjoyment and money it will produce, which in turn can spawn even more problems.

To combat this, Frontier is giving players access to security guards that they may hire to patrol park regions. Furthermore, players can also set up CCTV cameras around their parks to prevent crime, obviously not for any spying.

The Spring update of Plant Coaster is arriving on April 11th on Steam, free for all players.

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