‘Path of Exile’ is coming to the Xbox One sometime in 2017

The Free-to-Play action role-playing game – Path of Exile – is getting its first console debut in 2017 for the Xbox One. Grinding Gear Games is bringing all the content previously released on the PC version to the Microsoft console.

Let’s take a look at the setting of Path of Exile first. Set in a dark fantasy world, as per the name, a group exiles the player character to a penal colony. Players can then choose to band together with other Exiles to gather power and build an all-powerful being. It does sound just a tad strange.

The Xbox One version

According to Grinding Gear Games, they have spent over a year porting the game to the Xbox One. Especially ensuring the switch from the game’s original PC controls to the gamepad controls doesn’t detract from the fast-paced gameplay.

Not only that but the Xbox One version will also be Free-to-Play, just like its PC counterpart. Not to mention, unlike most other Free-to-Play games, the micro-transactions in Path of Exile are mostly cosmetic items with purchases such as extra character slots the only things not earnable through playing the game.

As for the studio’s many updates and content released for the PC version over the years. Grinding Gear Games is including all the previous expansions and patches on the Xbox One version at launch. Furthermore, the upcoming 3.0.0 expansion to the PC version will also arrive with the console release.

Although all this news sounds like the developers are setting the game up for cross-play between PC and Xbox One, the developers have pointed out that this is not possible due to the small but important differences the two versions will have. Notably, the changes to the skill controls and having a different number of flasks that regenerate the player.

Future of PC version and Availability

Grinding Gear Games have stated the game’s development of another platform will not affect the PC version’s development. In fact, claiming the studio’s work on the Xbox One allowed them to optimize the PC version further as well.

However, it seems the PC version won’t be getting the controller support that’s available on the Xbox One with the developers opting to keep the PC version faithful to its roots and not change up the gameplay to allow controller support, as it might put the controller users at a disadvantage over the keyboard and mouse users.

Sadly, Grinding Gear Games has not yet revealed the release date of the Xbox One version of Path of Exile. Only saying that it will come out sometime in 2017 for everyone to play for free. Anyone that wants to try out the game on PC can find it on Steam in the Free-to-Play section.


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