Panasonic launches its rugged FZ-F1 Windows 10 Mobile device in India

At an event in Hyderabad today, Panasonic launched three new ‘rugged’ devices for India’s several defense and law enforcement forces as well as companies in the automobile, pharmaceuticals and the oil & gas industries.

The three devices launched for the Indian market today include two phones and one tablet. The Toughpad FZ-N1 phone and FZ-A2 tablet are both powered by Google’s Android. The Toughpad FZ-F1, however, is a Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise powered device.

Panasonic announced these devices back in February of 2016 at MWC, but they were launched only after June of last year. The Indian launch, then, isn’t too late after all.

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Panasonic has been making rugged devices such as these for quite a while. The Japanese giant designed the FZ-N1 and FZ-F1 after taking into account the feedback from its customers.

Apparently, Panasonic’s previous devices were too rugged, with its customers willing to sacrifice some of that durability for a lighter and slimmer device. That’s what the FZ-N1 and FZ-F1 deliver.

The two devices are identical when it comes to specifications; it’s essentially the same device running either Android or Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise.

These devices might be less rugged than their predecessors, but they are still rated for the U.S. Military’s MIL-STD-810G standard, covering a broad range of environmental hazards.

The MIL-STD-810G standard tests device in low-pressure environments for high altitude operation, as well as exposure to high and low temperatures while in use and while idle. The devices are also exposed to rain and tested for rust with exposure to fungus, humidity, and salt fog.

In short: the standard demands extreme ruggedness, and these devices must pass every test to earn the certification.

In addition to the MIL-STD-810G certification, the devices are also rated for IP65 and IP67 with an all-weather sealed body, including seal covers for the ports. The design also accommodates for any drops, with a raised bezel around the screen.

Keeping in mind all of that, Panasonic has managed to make the devices weigh a mere 277 grams. The iPhone 7 Plus, in comparison, weighs 188 grams but isn’t even half as durable.

Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise

Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise is a prime example of Microsoft’s inability to name its products something simple.

This version of Windows 10 Mobile combines many of the features present in Windows 10 IoT with Windows 10 Mobile. It looks identical to Windows 10 Mobile on the surface, but there’s plenty different under the hood.

For example, Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise comes with native support for barcode scanning and instantaneous application access. The OS also supports multiple user profiles and an advanced lockdown mode.

The utility is quite evident; with Windows 10 Mobile’s Continuum, it only becomes more useful.


These devices – if not already obvious – are not designed for the average consumer. They are designed for use in hazardous environments. The pricing, therefore, reflects that.

For the Indian market, the Toughpad FZ-F1 powered by Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise will cost a whopping ₹1,09,000. The Android-powered version – FZ-N1 – costs a tad less at ₹99,000. These prices also do not include taxes.

You can read more about the Toughpad FZ-F1 – including the complete specifications – over here.

Source: The Economic Times

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