Owners of Payday 2, Starbreeze to publish Psychonauts 2

Double Fine Productions’s upcoming sequel to the classic platformer – Psychonauts now has a publisher to go along with it. The developers behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and current owners of Payday 2 – Starbreeze Studios is now the publisher behind Psychonauts 2.

In the original Psychonauts, players took the role of Raz, a boy with psychic abilities in a quest to become a Psychonaut – an order of special agents that uses psychic powers to fight evil.

Involving 3rd person platforming gameplay, the player gets access to a multitude of psychic powers as the game goes on; with a focus on entering the minds of other characters in the game to rid them of any suppressed issues; who in turn, help Raz progress through the story afterward.

Although receiving high praise from fans and reviewers, the game’s poor sales made it a major commercial failure. However, since its foray into platforms like Steam, Psychonauts has sold over a million copies and amassed a large fanbase.

Psychonauts 2

Double Fine capitalized on this newer following and managed to crowdfund almost 4 million dollars to develop a sequel. This is where the publisher Starbreeze comes in, dumping an additional 8 million dollars for the development of Psychonauts 2. While Double Fine will keep the Psychonauts license, Starbreeze will receive 60% of the game’s revenue after regaining their investment.

Raz is returning as the protagonist for Psychonauts 2, with the story taking place after the first game’s ending. Although being a direct sequel, players can play Psychonauts 2 without worrying about playing the original to understand the story.

All in all, Double Fine has expressed excitement for joining a publisher with a background in game development. Additionally stating that this will not affect any backer rewards from the crowdfunding campaign and they will proceed as planned.

Double Fine expects the launch of Psychonauts 2 to be in 2018, as the game is currently in pre-production. We will surely get more information as the game’s development picks up steam and nears its release next year; currently planning to release Psychonauts 2 on the Xbox One, Windows, macOS, Linux and PlayStation 4 platforms.

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