Overwatch update brings the new map Oasis, free to all players

Blizzard’s team based shooter, Overwatch now has another map for players to fight each other on. The futuristic Oasis map comes to all players free of charge as a game update.


The reveal for the map coming back in November at Blizzcon along with the new hero Sombra, with Sombra releasing a short time later, Blizzard has taken a few more months of polish before releasing Oasis to the masses. Blizzard even put the map in its test client of the game for over a month, for players to discover and report bugs.

Let’s start off with the theme and setting of the new map. Oasis is set in what looks like a futuristic Arabic city with a gold-heavy color scheme; surrounded by sandy deserts and some skyscrapers to fight around.

While playing, players will have to contend with the heavy traffic on the streets that can instantly kill them. What’s interesting, however, are the jump pads that can be found all around the map. Although they look quite advantageous, the pads may become hotspots for sniping easy targets while they soar helplessly.

The game mode of the new map is Control Point and features three points to capture all around Oasis to ensure victory. Blizzard is also saying the control points in Oasis will be quite unique when comparing to other maps with the same mode.

The update has also added some new voice lines to the heroes in the game, with many of them talking to each other about their new year aspirations.


This update marks the end of the Winter Wonderland event Overwatch was running having since the past month. Sadly, this means no more winter skins from loot boxes; any boxes that players may already have can still be opened for their winter goodies.

As with all Overwatch maps, Oasis comes free to all owners of the game. The update is now available to download on Xbox One, Windows PC and PlayStation 4.

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