Overwatch is adding a server browser and custom game modes

A server browser for Blizzard’s multiplayer FPS is now in testing, allowing Overwatch players to create and join custom servers. Although the current matchmaking systems will remain, the server browser will add even more ways for players to enjoy Overwatch.

The server browser was once a staple in almost every game to release on the PC with multiplayer functionality; over the years, game developers have slowly moved on to using the more accessible and easily manageable matchmaking systems. Something that developers frequently used on console games instead.

Sophisticated matchmaking systems do have their advantages, such as grouping players with equal skill together for fairer matches. However, server browsers give players unrivaled freedom and customizability to find the exact type of gameplay they are looking for.

The Overwatch Server Browser

To use the server browser; obviously, there must be servers to actually browse through. Thus, Blizzard is giving all players the ability to make custom game modes for private or public use.

Players may adjust almost everything about their custom server, ranging from hero restrictions, ability cooldowns, map types, modes and much more; allowing the host of a server to change or mutate any setting to their individual liking.

Once the server is ready, players can join it through the new server browser; though, this depends on the privacy settings that the host has selected.

Additionally, last month’s game mode from the Year of the Rooster event will now be available in Arcade mode; the developers¬†are adding the mode into Overwatch’s rotation due to its high popularity among players during the event.

Renaming itself from Capture the Rooster to Capture the Flag with nine maps joining the previous three; keep in mind these are not new maps but just alterations of currently existing maps of the game.

The update is currently in the Overwatch’s PTR (Public Test Region), where it’s undergoing testing on the PC platform. After testing the functionality of the new features, they’ll arrive as a free update to all platforms.

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