Outlook app for Android & iOS now take advantage of Microsoft Cloud

Outlook is an important part of Microsoft’s Office 365 suite, and the service became much more powerful after Microsoft announced that Outlook would be able to take advantage of Microsoft Cloud even on Android as well as iOS. Including cloud-based feature into Outlook mean that people will be more protected from security issues.

Outlook is a collection of email, contacts, tasks and calendar management service that you can use and manage at one single place. Outlook consists of Outlook Mail, Outlook Calendar, Outlook People for contacts and Outlook Tasks for task management. Outlook has one more amazing feature related to email known as

Outlook has one more amazing feature related to email known as Clutter that can remember your preferences to organize your email in order that is relevant to importance.

The Outlook Calendar can be used to manage your Calendar events like meetings, appointments, etc. Outlook People will act as a contacts management app that you can use to manage your contacts right inside Outlook.

Now as you can see, all these applications of Outlook deal with some really sensitive data like email, contacts, etc. Now with the addition of features that take advantage of Microsoft Cloud, Outlook has become more secure.

Microsoft announced at the Ignite 2016 event that Outlook apps on Android and iOS will be able to take advantage of Office 365 Windows Defender Application Guard, Advantaged Threat Protection and more.

This is a big addition to Outlook as Office 365 is used by businesses across the world and which business would appreciate becoming a target for data leaks. This shows Microsoft’s eagerness to keep their services for corporates safe and sound.

Even the Exchange accounts on your Android and iOS devices are supported on Outlook by default which will result in faster mail experience.

These types of improvements show that Microsoft is dedicated to provide users who are using their services even on different platforms the best service. This will make Outlook experience on Office 365 a bit more secure.

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