Osiris: New Dawn is coming to Xbox One and PS4 next year

Osiris: New Dawn is an action adventure role-playing game made by Fenix Fire and released as an Early Access title on Steam last week.

Osiris: New Dawn

Fenix Fire is an indie studio comprising of three people – Brian, Anna, and Manny. The trio has managed to build a space-exploration multiplayer/coop game where you can fight stuff, build wonders and develop new weaponry that makes you better at fighting stuff. By stuff, we mean aliens.

The game reminds us of No Man’s Sky – also an indie title whose failure after launch has managed to hit the same highs as the hype before it.

Osiris: New Dawn gives us the giant snakes/worms that No Man’s Sky promised but did not deliver. It also offers us the multiplayer, that No Man’s Sky promised but failed to deliver. There are a stupid amount of comparisons we can make similar to those two; however, unlike No Man’s Sky, Osiris: New Dawn is not burdened by its hype, and is available as an Early Access title for a mere 25$ – compared to the 60$ that No Man’s Sky sold at.

Interestingly, the developers of Osiris: New Dawn do not particularly like survival games. The idea was to build a game inspired by sci-fi films with immersive, gorgeous but rather hostile environments – the ‘hostile’ bit is where the survival elements start coming into play.

The space exploration genre has been on an upward trend in the recent years; games such as Elite: Dangerous, Star Citizen, Space Engineers present interesting ideas – but these games are still under development, or just do not provide a good enough experience.

The Xbox Launch

While the game is currently only available as an early access title for PC via Steam, Fenix Fire has now announced that the game will be coming to Xbox One via the ID@Xbox program sometime next year. A PS4 launch is also planned at the same time.

For now, Osiris: New Dawn belongs in the same bucket as Space Engineers or Star Citizen – an unfinished game.

As an early access title, all and any of its features can be changed, removed, added, or delayed at any point.

Hopefully, by the time we have an Xbox One launch, it will be stable enough to have a proper launch, rather than an early access one.

Image Credit: PCGamer.com

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