Opera Browser now lets you conserve power with the new Power Saver option

It’s been quite some time that Opera changed their whole core and switched it to Chromium. At its core, Opera has Chromium which is the same open source project that powers Google Chrome. Now we all know what a power and resource hungry of a browser Google Chrome is, right? This is because of Chromium and it is clear that the same problem will occur in all the browsers that use Chromium as their base.

Anyway, Opera Browser on PC has actually done a lot of things right and can be now counted as one of the best browsers which can easily compete with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It works like a charm on systems which have low memory resources while Google Chrome struggles quite a bit.

Going a bit further, Opera now lets you save power on your computer with its new Power Saver feature that it now comes with. This not only means better and more battery life on laptops and tablets, but also better and more efficient power consumption on PCs. This is also not a Windows or a Mac-exclusive feature so no matter what system you use, you will be able to use this feature.


How it works & Performs?

It is really simple to use this feature. When your laptop is not connected to power, you will be able to see a battery icon inside the browser. You can activate the feature from that specific icon.


Opera has worked quite a bit to make sure the browser performs well for tabs that are open for a long period of time for e.g. Facebook, Gmail etc. The animations have been optimized and now the browser can provide about 50% increase in battery life and performance as compared to other browsers with the new updates and this feature.

Features and updates like these for our Internet browsers are necessary since most of the browsers seem to be eating up a lot of system resources which is really unusual for a browser to use.

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