Online-only MOBA-like Gigantic quietly launched on the Windows Store

Gigantic is a MOBA-like free-to-play online-multiplayer-only game developed by Motiga – an indie studio; unfortunately for Motiga – game development is expensive, and Microsoft was willing to fund it for them.

The Microsoft dollars don’t come for free, though – in exchange for Microsoft’s funds, the game had to become an Xbox and Windows 10 exclusive. It’s not too unreasonable to expect such a deal from Microsoft – the folks at Motiga thought so too and accepted it.

That decision almost killed the game, because the Windows 10 UWP platform wasn’t ready for gaming, and when it was – the funds had already dried up.

The Salvation

About six months ago, Perfect World Entertainment picked up the game – they realized the Windows 10 exclusivity was a problem, and hence fixed it by releasing a 64-bit version of the game on their Arc client for Windows 7 and up.

However, the Windows 10 version wasn’t abandoned, and so three days ago, the Windows 10 version showed up on the Windows store – without making any noise.

The Game

The game is an amalgamation of different genres – borrowing elements from MOBAs, combat from RPGs, and being a third-person action online-only game puts it in a weird spot when it comes to defining it.

The art style is somewhat unique, and the game has 16 different characters to choose from – much like a MOBA.

The game is free to play, and the heroes and maps are available on a rotation – you can purchase the maps or heroes to play them permanently, and that’s how the game makes money.

The game is still in beta and is available on Xbox One, Windows 10 via Windows Store, and Windows 7 and up via the Arc client. The version with the Arc client is also 64-bit, rather than 32-bit.

You can read more about the game at the official site, sign up for the beta, check out the subreddit and download the Windows 10 client via Windows Store.

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