OneDrive for iOS receives major update: view Office documents and scan images

Microsoft has started rolling out an update for the OneDrive app on iOS; the update adds quite a lot of general improvements to the app, along with a few major features.

The OneDrive app can be a lot more than just something to access your files on the cloud – especially with today’s updates.

Today’s update adds an interesting feature that seems quite redundant – the ability to take a photo with the camera and scan out the whiteboards, documents, and business cards from the physical realm into your OneDrive.

It seems redundant because Microsoft already has the Office Lens app available on iOS, Windows 10 Mobile, and Android – why is this feature needed in OneDrive? The same reason the next one is needed.

The next big feature in this update is the ability to preview Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents within OneDrive – without ever leaving the app.

The ability to take photos and scan them for relevant information, and the ability to preview Office documents – both make the OneDrive experience a more seamless one.

Smaller tweaks

There’s also a few more minor tweaks to the app; on iPad, files opened from the offline tab will now use the entire screen space that iPad offers.

Along with that little update, the detail pane for photos now includes the camera information.

There’s also a few reliability improvements for users logged in with their work or school accounts.


The app is – as always – rolling out at its pace; if you are losing patience, kindly find it in the appropriate chamber.

If the bad joke does not amuse you, and you would rather try out the OneDrive app on iOS, it’s available via the Apple AppStore.

Hopefully, Microsoft’s commitment to platforms that it doesn’t own will continue to flourish – the Microsoft ecosystem is growing, albeit that not being the case with Windows 10 Mobile.

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