Office for Mac now supports the Touch Bar for all users

A few days ago, Microsoft pushed out an update for Office Insiders on macOS. The update included support for the MacBook Touch Bar. Today, the very update is rolling out to everyone using Office for Mac – a week’s worth of Insider feedback was enough, apparently.

Apple – on behalf of Microsoft – announced that the Office suite would add Touch Bar support at its hardware reveal event in October. Microsoft, soon after the event, detailed the features that would be coming to Office for Mac.

We have covered these features – and explained what Touch Bar is – in our previous coverage from when the update hit Insiders. But, in short, it’s simply a replacement for the function keys.

It’s like replacing a physical keyboard with a virtual one – like the iPhone famously did; the Touch Bar is a replacement for the traditional function keys. Since it is a screen, it can be flexible and perform a few unique stunts of its own.

Microsoft’s suite joins various other big-name apps to support Touch Bar; Adobe’s Photoshop and Apple’s Final Cut Pro are just two of the most prominent ones. These productivity apps can greatly benefit with an adequate Touch Bar interface.

The Release

Office for Mac users – once updated – can start using the Touch Bar with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint right now; Outlook and Skype for Business support will be following this update soon.

Microsoft hasn’t provided a timeline for how long the wait might be – it could just be a week or a few months.

To get the Touch Bar support, simply update the Office suite by checking for updates via the Help section.

Once updated, the Touch Bar should work as expected.

To read more about what the Touch Bar is capable of, do have a glance at our coverage from last week when these features were pushed to Insiders.

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