Office Lens for iOS gets Multi-Scanning, 3D Touch and More

Office Lens is a Mobile Application which allows users to trim, enhance and make documents readable. It is capable of converting images to editable Word and PowerPoint Files. It works as a mini scanner and can be used for scanning documents and whiteboards texts.

Microsoft recently released some great update to Office Lens for both Android and iOS. Before talking about new features, here are few amazing features of Office Lens:
• It can be used to capture or crop a picture of a blackboard or whiteboard.
• It allows users to make digital copies of printed documents, posters and bills.
• It can also be used to convert Images to Word, PDF and every PowerPoint files that will automatically be saved to OneDrive.

New Features in Office Lens:

Multi-Scanning: This feature allows a user to capture a series of image and save them all at the same time.

Rotation: The rotation feature was missing in the previous version of the app. However, after a great demand, one can now rotate phones as per his needs.

3D Touch: This feature is limited to iOS only and specifically works on iPhone 6s & 6s only. With this feature, you can select modes by simply pressing and holding the Office Lens icon on the screen.


Handwritten Text OCR: This is the most amazing and most useful update. Thanks to this new feature in Office Lens, the app can now scan handwritten text in English and can export it to OneNote. After that, the text can be searched like normal text. This feature can come very handy when you are working on an essay/reports and need to find certain word or phrase.

Business Card Mode: Now, you can scan business cards in Simplified Chinese and can extract contact information easily.

Bug Fix: The major bug fix will now allow the user to use Office Lens with same Office 365 and Microsoft account.

There are no updates for the Windows Phone. If you have still not tried the app, you can download it from iTunes Stores. It is free to use and is compatible with iOS 8 and above. Download the app now.

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