Office Delve app now available for Windows 10 Mobile devices

Microsoft announced Office Delve back in 2014. While Delve could be considered a part of the Office suite – it is more of a social application rather than a productivity one. The idea might sound strange, but Delve can come handy when you are collaborating with a team.

Office Delve for Windows 10

Delve brings together all of your documents – you don’t have to remember where they are stored, or what their names are. It acts as a hub for all of your documents and contacts. If you share a document with someone, Delve will also give you notifications about the changes they make to it.

In June this year, Microsoft announced the Delve app for Windows 10 as a Preview. Over the weekend, Microsoft has now updated the app with support for Windows 10 Mobile.

While the desktop app is available for anyone to download – the Windows 10 Mobile version is only available to those who seek the trouble of dealing with an unstable Office release. At least for now.

The purposes Delve serves also require you to have an Office 365 account for work or school specifically. The app is mostly useless unless you have colleagues or other students collaborating in an environment, so it wouldn’t make any sense to make it available otherwise.

The app is available right now from the Windows Store. Though it is not a finished product just yet, it does push Microsoft in the right direction for Office. An app that helps you collaborate with a larger team and acts as a hub to hold everything together can be very useful for groups.

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