receives its first major update

If you don’t subscribe to Office 365 or are not logged in when you visit; that title above might confuse you. serves many purposes – for new customers, its job is to inform them of everything possible with the Office suite; for existing customers, it is the home of their Office 365 experience.

It’s meant to prominently display all the Office applications available to your particular Office 365 subscription; it also lists all the recent documents you worked on and features a handy “Install Office” button to quickly install the Office suite on the PC you are on.

The homepage is available to all tiers of Office 365 subscribers – from personal to the enterprise; it’s obvious that tailoring the experience to make it work for everyone, is quite a difficult challenge.

The Update

Today’s update makes the homepage learn from your behavior and usage; the homepage still serves the same purpose, but with a bit more grace.

As an example, the homepage still lists all of the Office applications available to you, but the applications you use most are highlighted.

Furthermore, the “recent online documents” remains the same, except now it has filter controls; you can easily highlight just the Word documents, for example.

There’s also a new pinned section; you can pin documents in this section, which will remain pinned until you unpin them.

Events & Tasks

There are two new sections for the homepage as well: the Upcoming section and the Tasks section.

The Upcoming section will highlight – as the name suggests – the upcoming events and meetings of the day. You can also connect to a Skype meeting via Skype for Business with a direct link to it from within this section.

The new Tasks section, on the other hand, will let you view, create, and complete tasks. It’s not clear if this links with Cortana or stuff like Wunderlist, but it would be nice if it did.


Microsoft is conducting an extremely slow roll out for the new homepage. It’s expected to complete sometime in “early 2017.”

We haven’t received this update for our Office 365 subscriptions just yet; not sure why Microsoft has decided to roll out this update at this pace.

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