Office 2016 for Mac gets new features in the October Insiders Slow update

Microsoft announced the Slow ring for Office Insiders four weeks ago, and the updates have started pouring in.

Office suite for iOS

The Slow ring gets an update every two weeks. With today’s update, Office 2016 for Mac receives a few new features across all of the Office apps.

The new version is 15.27 (161003), and you should receive this automatically – if you have disabled automatic updates, just click on Help, and check for updates in any Office app.

Here’s what’s new.

The Excel Functions

Excel is getting the CONCAT and TEXTJOIN functions to help you shorten your text formulas. For Office 365 subscribers using Office 2016 for Mac, the forecasting functions are now available.

The forecasting functions help you predict a future value based on historical data – this is quite an advanced feature, and – if used properly – might come very handy.

The PowerPoint Story

PowerPoint is also getting a handy albeit small update. You can now trim audio and video files in a presentation – without ever leaving PowerPoint.

Office 365 subscribers can also now trigger animations by using bookmarks within the media file – so you could embed an audio file in your presentation, and then queue animations as the sound clip plays.

Why this functionality is limited to Office 365 subscribers is beyond us, but that’s how Microsoft wants to do it.

The Notes of OneNote

OneNote now comes with Accessibility Checker, allowing you to find and fix accessibility issues in your notes. The Accessibility Checker is available in the Tools menu.

There are a few experimental design changes as well, but you need to enable these separately. Follow these steps:

  • Click File, Open Preferences.
  • In the general tab, check ‘Enable experimental features.’
  • Apply, and behold the experiments.

As always, Insiders are expected to submit feedback and details about any bugs they encounter.

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