Oculus slashes prices of the Rift headset and Touch controllers

Anyone that have waited to buy a full VR package has a great opportunity to do so right now. The announcement coming at GDC, the Oculus Rift headset and its Touch controllers are now $200 cheaper than before.

Oculus attributes the price cuts to bringing down development costs of their Rift products. The company emphasizing that the main barrier to enter any VR platform is the currently available options’ high costs.

This means that the previously $600 Rift headset and $200 Touch controllers are now available at $500 and $100 respectively. There is a small price reduction to the extra Sensors on the Oculus Store as well, from $80 to $60.

Users looking to have the ultimate room-scale Rift VR setup will now have an easier time opening their wallets.

When comparing the new price of the Oculus Rift to the HTC Vive – that still holds its original $800 price tag – new customers looking to join the growing VR craze may now gravitate towards the far cheaper product.

That’s probably what Oculus is aiming for, with previous reports showing the Vive outselling the Rift by a wide margin since the release of both products.

Robo Recall free to Touch owners

Also, Robo Recall from Epic Games is now available on the Oculus Rift, coming free with the Touch controllers. As Oculus themselves have funded the game, don’t expect it to hit other headsets in the near future.

For all Oculus Rift owners, Robo Recall is a must play title, letting players destroy robots in extremely creative ways. The game even ships with its own mod kit for quick modifications. Moreover, Epic Games have made Robo Recall’s source code completely open, effectively letting players make their own modified game versions.

All in all, cheaper and more accessible VR is quickly becoming the new trend. Microsoft’s announcements of low-cost Windows Mixed Reality headsets bringing, even more, competition to the steadily growing AR and VR market.

It looks like 2017 is finally the year that VR achieves its real potential.

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