NVidia’s job posting reveals a premium subscription and GTX 1080Ti

NVidia is apparently a GTX 1080Ti along with a premium subscription program named “Club GeForce Elite.” These tiny revelations have been leaked because NVidia made a silly mistake on LinkedIn.

A month ago, NVidia put up a job posting on LinkedIn for “Senior Marketing Manager – GeForce, Gamer Loyalty & Advocacy.” The job posting stayed up for a while – about 31 days – until folks at PCWorld noticed it, after which it vanished into the abyss.

The description of the job posting is where most of the details come from; the job is about turning NVidia’s GeForce into a community of its own, with free games, prizes, giveaways, and more – but that’s not the juicy bits.

The GTX 1080Ti

The description talks about ways to improve the involvement of gamers in NVidia’s GeForce Experience – the whole thing is about building a community after all. The rewards include beta access for AAA titles and all the usual stuff, but there’s more.

There’s a section about targeted spot prizes – rewards for doing certain things within the community. If a user reports confirmed bugs or provide useful feature enhancement feedback, they can win free game codes, for example.

In this section, mentioned is a “Step Up” offer that would put the owners of GTX 980Ti in the ‘first spot’ to pre-order the GTX 1080Ti.

Club GeForce Elite

In the end, the description talks about a “Club GeForce Elite” – a $10 per month subscription service that would give gamers four “free” games (like Xbox, but slower frequency) per quarter, exclusive in-game items and ‘GeForce Gear’ and most importantly, a ‘GeForce in the Cloud’ subscription.

GeForce in the Cloud sounds odd – perhaps, it is referencing NVidia’s GeForce Now service that lets gamers stream PC games over an internet connection.

You can read the full description of the job posting below, and while this is only a leak – it is an official one, which makes it a tiny more credible than some random source.

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