NVidia unveils the ‘Gaming Revival Kit’ to restore aging PCs

The folks at NVidia are always coming up with some strange gimmicks to compensate for their bad drivers and poorly aging cards – a $10/mo subscription, is a great example.

The ‘Gaming Revival Kit’ however, perhaps isn’t too bad – just make sure you check prices for the individual components in your region before gulping it up.

The Bundle

The ‘Gaming Revival Kit’ appears to be only available in the Spanish-speaking South American countries – specifically, wherever the Ripley store will deliver; Ripley is the only retailer mentioned by NVidia who is carrying this bundle. Ripley has operations in Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Colombia – the bundle, however, might not be available everywhere.

The ‘Gaming Revival Kit’ includes three of the major components that would help to restore a PC back to its glory: a graphics card, a power supply, and a solid-state drive for the quick and snappy storage.

Here’s what NVidia’s bundle offers:

  • Graphics Card: MSI GeForce GTX 1060 3GT OC
  • Solid State Drive: Corsair Force Series LE SSD 240G
  • Power Supply: Corsair CX450M
  • A copy of Gears of War 4
  • An NVidia T-Shirt

As you can see: NVidia is thoughtful; not only the bundle includes PC components that would ‘revive’ you PC, but it also comes with Gears of War 4 to play on your resurrected PC, and a T-Shirt to wear.


There are a few language obstacles; from what we can gather – the bundle costs $399. The price seems reasonable – but you should probably check the prices of the individual components in your region.

The only retailer NVidia refers to is Chile’s Ripley – here’s the link; one thing is certain: buying an Xbox One with Gears of War 4 would still be cheaper, from the same retailer as well.

It’s also unclear whether NVidia plans to bring this bundle in other countries; it surely offers no extra discount or value of itself – unless you really want an NVidia T-Shirt.

If the price of the bundle is equivalent or cheaper than buying these components individually; there seems to be no harm in getting the bundle – probably even get a bit more reasonable shipping charges, as it is a single box.

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